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What is Website

To be very precise a website is described as a file. It is a file which contains a collection of different files only of the www or the World Wide Web nature. These files are uploaded on the web, which makes it a particular website with an address so that it can be accessed by everyone. The first of the files in the collection of these www files is known ad the homepage.

To be able to visit a specific website, its particular address is required so that it can be entered on the internet. The given address is actually of the first file or the homepage of the website, through which all other files and information can be accessed with the links provided.

Sometimes a standard default name is set up by the company for its website and that is when we do not nee to type the whole of the file address and only the default name links to the website source. For example the MSN Company has the site . A website can contain either a single page or thousands of various different pages branching from the homepage.

There is another term used for the website, which is the "Web presence" This term seems to be much more synonymous with the actual meaning of a website, because it does not imply any geographical localization of the file, however it is used less frequently than the most common word Website.

We can add the cross links of different websites on our own homepage so as to share the information in each other's Websites.







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