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Webmaster Article Of The Day

What is Unique Content?

Unique content is used when you create a website or when you purchase one. Unique content is basically something that is original and never has been used before. There are way too many sites on the web that has the same exact information, we are not talking about the same subjects but the same content word for word. There are sites that strictly base their content on what information they copied and pasted from Wikipedia. There is nothing wrong with using online research tools like Wikipedia but there are some sites that flat out plagiarize and that is a form of cheating.

There are other site developers who may not write the content themselves and they don’t have to for it to be considered unique. Some people accuse others of not be original because they hired someone to write the articles. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that as long as the content has not been used any place else on the web. Others work so hard writing and writing and trying to keep their content unique and fresh and then you have those other people who copy and paste from other sites and think it is ok.

There are two tools that you can use to check to see if any content you have purchased has been copied, one tool is called Copyscape and the other is Copy and paste the content you want to check in the space provided as well as the URL on the top of the page and if the content is unique then it will say found zero matches and if there is a hit, it will show you where the information has been copied from.

If you are writing your own articles or content, it is also a good idea to check your work through these tools. Sometimes you may not even know it but you use a phrase or a sentence explaining something and the copyscape will flag it. Once you check your work , if anything has popped up you can fix it. You want your site to stand out because of the originality of it all. You don’t want more than 5 words to come out of Copyscape.

There are going to be some instances where you cannot help it, let’s say you are writing an biography and this person has won some sort of awards. You want to include these awards in your articles and you push the article through copyscape, the names of the awards are going to kick back because you used the exact name of the award. In these types of cases it is ok because it is something that cannot be avoided.


Even when someone hires you to write that type of article or an article on a country and you use landmarks or the names of historical places, these are going to kick back from copyscape but as we said before that is ok. If you write a 600 word article and 5 places come back from copyscape, it will not make a difference. You want to avoid your article looking like a rainbow. The copyscape site will not only show the user where you got the information but in your article it will highlight in different colors the words that are kicking back.

That is why it is very important to run the articles whether you have written them or if you purchased them from someone else who said they could write. The life of your website depends on it, it will either make or break your results in the search engines.


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